What do We Solve?

Your Challenges

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Inconsistent Lead Tracking

Many OEM’s build or procure systems that track the leads going into their network originating from their websites and campaigns. But, often, do not consider the calls being generated and lose sight of what is the most qualified lead source of all.  
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Limited Lead Visibility

Even when an OEM uses a solution to track their leads going into the network, they lose sight of how the lead is managed and this is a vital requirement. Generating a lead is one thing, knowing how the lead is managed is the most important. Was it responded to quickly? If it was a call response, was the call handled in a way that meets your brand and customer expectations?
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Inefficient Call Handling

Ever wondered whether inbound call management should become a dealer standard? We think so, it’s a real revenue spinner when handled well and the opposite applies when it’s not. 
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Inaccurate Marketing ROI

Often OEM's and Dealers measure ROI using only digital leads. This is a skewed measure and the calls being generated by your marketing efforts also need to be augmented. 
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Missed Sales Opportunities

Do you know how many missed callers call the dealership back? Our data suggests only 35% of missed callers call back. That means 65% are calling someone else. Are you losing opportunities because of poor call management? 
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Quality Assurance Challenges

CSI is a standard within the auto industry and is used to measure customer satisfaction in a sales and service context. But what about those people who didn’t end up buying from you or booking a service? How many people are they telling about their experience? Shouldn’t lost opportunities be considered or even better, shouldn’t we make sure there are never any lost opportunities? 
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Complex Integration

Implementing multiple solutions across your network of dealerships can be complex, requiring standardised integration procedures and ongoing support. Have you managed to resolve this problem?
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Data Silos

Your dealerships are likely to belong to a number of Dealer Groups and therefore there are a number of lead management vendors in place. This makes it difficult to get a single view of your leads and restricts your ability to measure the network's sales performance as you would like. Would you like to improve this? 


What Return Can We Expect?

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The Benefits

What Can Logimeter Do For Your Brand?

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Real-Time Network Visibility

You gain real-time insights into lead management and call performance across your entire network, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and provide proactive support.
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Unified Lead Tracking

You can standardise lead tracking and management processes across all your dealerships, providing a consistent view of leads' journeys and helping you optimise your marketing strategies.
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Enhanced Customer Experience

Streamlined call handling, quick lead responses, and automated call-backs at all dealerships ensure a uniform and improved customer experience, strengthening your brand.

Accurate Marketing Analytics

You can accurately measure the ROI of your marketing efforts, allowing you to make data-driven adjustments to maximise campaign effectiveness and budget allocation.