The Company

Logimeter is a leading South African technology company serving the Auto Industry. We are customer centric, have high integrity and keep innovating as the Auto Market evolves and new technologies become available. Our diverse portfolio of sales enablement solutions are all designed with one aim, and that’s to improve the sales results of our customers. One of the aspects of our integrity is that we strive to provide demonstrable ROI to all of our customers.

Our Mission

At Logimeter, our mission is to help our auto customers improve their customer experience and sales results.  We are dedicated to creating easy to use software that is affordable. We want to uplift the sales community in the Auto industry. We want our employees to love working with us and our customers to say we are ‘world class’ in everything we do. We are here to serve the Auto Industry and help shape a more connected future for all. 

Our Vision

At Logimeter, we want to use technology to uplift the sale experience in the Auto Industry benefiting our customers and their customers alike. We aspire to always be on the forefront of technology innovation whilst always helping our customers to utilise our solutions within their business. Success for us is not the revenues secured but seeing our technology uplifting our customers and their employees. 

Our Values

customer centricity value
innovation value
teamwork value
Paul Devine - Logimeter CEO Founder

Paul Devine

 - Founder

 Paul started his career in an advertising agency and worked his way up to become the UK Country Head. He was then approached by a company who opened his eyes to the opportunities the Internet provided and Paul worked for the likes of and in senior management capacities. 

Paul moved to SA and started Logimeter which combined his love of advertising and technology and was lucky enough to be embraced by the Auto Industry.

Since then, Paul has built Logimeter into a leading technology company with over 40% market share in South Africa. He loves what he does and gets real joy from seeing his clients and employees flourish.