What do We Solve?

Your Challenges

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Unknown Lead Source

Not knowing where your inbound sales calls come from makes it challenging to decide where to spend your marketing budget.

Learn how to automatically capture inbound sales calls in your CRM or Lead Management System.
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Poor Call Behaviour

Most dealerships have little insight into how sales calls are handled by their team. How do you know what to improve when you don’t know what’s going on?

Get call insight reports which detail how your sales team is managing their inbound and outbound sales calls. 
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Missed Opportunities

Every dealership unfortunately experiences missed calls and unattended enquiries, this has a direct consequence on your revenues and bottom line.

Want to make sure this never happens again?
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Inbound Digital Enquiries

Do you manage inbound digital enquiries manually? Do you know how long your sales team takes to respond? Do you know the average car buyer submits 2 enquiries every time browse on line? First person to speak to them gets the first mover advantage.

Do you want to be that company?
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Incomplete Lead Tracking

Does your sales team follow up on every lead? Do they call a lead once and leave a message and never call again?

Want to fully understand the call journey related to each lead and ensure you maximise the potential of each and every lead?
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Poor Customer Experience

Not responding to inbound enquiries fast enough? Missing  inbound call opportunities? Not following up timeously?

All of these situations lead to a poor customer experience and trust us, they also tell other people. What does this do to your bottom line? 
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Lack of Call Recording and Monitoring

Recording calls helps in so many ways. Sales Training. Customer Complaint Management. Auditing behaviours. Customer Support.

Want to know how easy it is to implement? 
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Unmonitored Outbound Sales Calls

Do you know how many outbound calls are being made by your sales team? Are the calls having to be manually logged in your CRM or Lead Management System? Want to know how to automate this process? 

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What Return Can We Expect?

Average Return On Investment Seen Across Our 800+ Customers

7 x Investment

The Benefits

What Can Logimeter Do For Your Dealership?

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Sell More Cars

The bottom line is that all Logimeter solutions have been tailored for one purpose, which is enabling our customers to sell more cars.
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No More Missed Sales Calls

We monitor your sales calls and when one is missed, we automatically connect your the sales team to the missed caller.
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Automate Responses to Customer Enquiries

Logimeter seamlessly connects your sales team with prospects upon receiving inbound inquiries, resulting in higher lead conversions and happy customers with just a single click.
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End-To-End Sales Solutions

Logimeter reviews the potential risks in your current sales process and implements solutions to address them. Our goal is simple - to improve your sales results and we will.  

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