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Your Challenges

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Call Tracking Complexity

Do your Dealerships work in silos? Spend variable amounts on ad spend? Not track where their inbound calls originate? Managing their inbound calls in a variety of ways? Experience high missed call volumes?
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Inconsistent Lead Management

Are group wide lead management processes followed? Do you have proven insights of how these processes improve lead management and sales within your dealers? 
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Marketing ROI Clarity

We know you can effectively track your digital enquiry leads. But can you track the calls your marketing is generating? If you add the calls to the digital enquiries per source, you get a clear picture of your marketing returns. 
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Missed Sales Opportunities

Dealerships often have peak times when their receptionist is very busy and during this time, sales calls are lost to the business. Do you know how much this is worth to you? 
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Customer Experience Variability

When someone has a bad experience, do you know how many people they tell? According to a study by American Express, satisfied customers tell an average of nine people about their positive experiences, while dissatisfied customers tell about 16 people about their negative experiences. What is a bad experience in a dealership costing your business? 
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Complexity in Data Integration

Dealership groups often have multiple PABX solutions in their network which results in it being difficult to capture call data in centralised database. Logimeter will standardise your call data whilst retaining your existing PABX vendors. 
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Call Recording and Monitoring Challenges

Similarly, if you do have multiple PABX vendors but want one central place to capture and monitor your call recordings, how do you do it?
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Resource Inefficiencies

Historically it’s been very hard to track whether your sales teams are making their outbound sales call quota and the activity data has to be captured manually. Being able to automate the tracking of this behaviour will improve oversight and consequently performance.  


What Return Can We Expect?

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The Benefits

What Can Logimeter Do For Your Group?

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Unified Call Tracking & Centralised Call Recordings

Implement call tracking standards and record all calls across your group. Ensure inbound and outbound sales calls are automatically captured in your DMS, CRM or LMS via an API.
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Consistent Call Management

Inbound sales calls convert 2.5 times more than inbound digital enquiries. Ensure you track where your calls are coming from and implement best practice call behaviours when managing these calls. 
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Accurate Marketing Analytics

In many cases we see Dealer Groups effectively tracking where their digital leads originate but in many cases they are not adding the calls their lead sources generate. This provides a skewed view of your marketing ROI and needs to be factored in. 
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Enhanced Customer Experience

When someone contacts their dealership they want an excellent customer experience. If they submit a lead, they want to hear from you immediately. If they make a call, they want the best call experience possible. Logimeter will show you how to implement best practice in your dealership.