Riaan jv Rensberg, Regional Director, Kia South Africa

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We've now had the call connect product in our dealership since 2018 and prior to having this product in our dealerships we just had no way of determining whether we've made contact with our leads. We also just had no way of determining our response time on our leads. Our sales executives also was limited to calling our leads when they were in the office only, as opposed to now with call connect we connect our customers and our sales executives any place anywhere on their cell phones and that's irrespective whether they even have a time available on their cell phones. At the stage when we considered this product we went to market and we looked at a few options available. And at that stage Logimeter was the only local company with this product. They were really very familiar with the South African market as well as the challenges that we are faced with in our dealerships.

Logimeter also offered integrated services such as the call tracker which made a lot of sense to partner with and to integrate into the call connect process. Since implementing call connect in 2018 we are now connecting with 80% of our leads in under 3 minutes. And this in effect has improved many efficiencies in our dealerships and our lead conversions have almost doubled. We now record every conversation between our sales executive and our customers.

This helps us with training and it helps us improving our service offering to our customers. We track ourselves sales executives, contact with our customers now from the first point of contact. And this call connect service has just become an integral part of our business. It's one of those services that we would now just not be able to do without. The market has changed, the consumer has changed and a dealership now that focus on internet business and wants to be successful on internet business does need call connect or a similar product to ensure that that gap is closed between the first point when a customer makes contact with your dealership to ensure you make instant contact get back to the customer within 5 minutes and improve your chances of closing the deal.


Regional Director - Kia South Africa

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