Lurika Schubert, Owner, Atterbury Motors

Case Study
Customer Story

"I just want to thank Logimeter for the immense difference you've made in our business. Before we were with Logimeter we had to input customer’s details into leads management system, a lot of incoming calls were lost. And about above a third of our leads just disappeared and the salesmen were writing their customers names on papers and it got lost and never followed up. When we signed up with Logimeter, this situation completely changed. And Logimeter is integrated with our lead management system which ensures that all our leads come into the system and that there's accountability for calling leads. And what makes Logimeter amazing is that you can also see statistics. On each salesperson you can listen to their calls and you can evaluate their calls, or do yourself that even got a service where they evaluate your salespersons calls and they get valuable feedback on how they can improve their closure rate.

Since we have implemented Logimeter which has just been over a month, two months now our sales have increased with about almost 20 percent already. And we have not even optimized the system as yet. So we are eternally grateful towards Nikki, especially Nikki Belt which has done so much training for us and sorted out all the initial wrinkles there were. And today we can say that our salesmen are so happy because there's so much less amount of labor for them to optimize our customers and to give them details and to be able to listen to their own phone calls, which they have with customers. I just want to say, thank you Logimeter. You've been one of the best investments we've ever made. May you just grow from strength to strength."


Owner - Atterbury Motors

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