Atterbury Motors Increases Sales by 20% with Logimeter

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Atterbury Motors is an independent dealership in Pretoria that stocks approximately 160 vehicles with a staff of 37, of which 10 staff members deal with sales. Atterbury has been around for 20 years and constantly strives to find ways to improve its marketing  approach and increase sales.

The owner, Lurika Schubert, historically had no real insights into where their inbound calls came from. She had to rely on their salespeople to manually capture this information. As all salespeople tend only to capture calls which require a follow up action, the total amount of inbound sales calls and the call source was never captured. As a result, Atterbury Motors lost a lot of income due to investing in the wrong lead sources.

This situation did not change until Logimeter provided their call tracking solutions and, as a result, Atterbury Motors has been able to increase sales despite the declining economy caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“It’s been mind-blowing to have seen within the first month of using the call tracker product, we were already able to see that we should relocate our advertising money. We adjusted the budget accordingly and strictly, and we definitely upped our call volumes a lot. We’ve been able to close many more calls and also attract our higher-end customers.” - Lurika Schubert (Owner - Atterbury Motors)



In 2020, Atterbury Motors started working with Logimeter and implemented their Call Tracker product which allowed Lurika to track all inbound calls from Atterbury Motors’ marketing efforts. Before this, they never tracked any calls and relied on the sales team to capture calls and convert them into sales. They decided to use Logimeter’s Call Tracker product which enabled them to see exactly where their calls came from. Tracking every call helped them to reallocate the advertising budget to focus more on the advertising that generated quality leads, and try new advertising avenues that they had never tried before.


The Call Tracker product also provides Missed Call Saver. These helped Lurika’s sales teams to follow-up on calls that would easily be missed, such as calls made after hours, during lunch breaks, or over weekends. They were able to optimize their call-back rate because the missed caller details were automatically placed in a web portal.


After implementing the Call Tracker solution, Lurika added the Call Manager option which allows them to capture inbound calls directly into their lead management system. With this level of oversight, Lurika believes they were able to literally capture hundreds of calls that wouldn’t have previously been captured by the salespeople and this had a significant impact on their sales performance. On top of this, Call Manager provides a feature that allows a calls to be answered by anyone in the sales team. This means most if not all sales calls are now answered. With these extra features Lurika and her sales team were able to capture and convert more sales leads.


After implementing the Call Tracker product, Atterbury Motors was able to determine that up to 40% of their advertising budget was allocated to the wrong marketing avenues.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Atterbury Motors increased their sales by 20% using the Logimeter solutions.

Before using the Call Manager, Atterbury Motors lost approximately 80% of inbound calls. Using the Call Manager solution enabled them to manage these calls with ease


Atterbury Motors has seen their salespeople improve their sales tremendously after using Logimeter’s Call Tracker and Call Manager products. They have been improving their sales since 2020, and according to Lurika Schubert, they “will never look back”. Call tracking and call management have enabled them to track inbound calls, follow up on missed-callers, reallocate their advertising budget, optimally train their sales team along with provide great feedback, and give them peace of mind that their customers are being well attended to.

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