Why You Should Track Outbound Calls

Why You Should Track Outbound Calls

Why you should track outbound calls

Exactly how many calls are made to customers by your staff every month, and how many of these led to conversions? It stands to reason that having this sort of data is bound to improve how your company approaches telephone calls. Even better is being able to screen outbound calls word-for-word, seeing what approach led to success – and what was said that may have lost you the deal. This is only scraping the tip of what is possible with call tracking technology like Logimeter, which is why we’ve written this article on the reasons you should track outbound calls in your business:

What’s outbound call tracking?

Call tracking involves using software that works with your telephone infrastructure to gain information about incoming or outbound telephone calls. Instead of guessing where a call originated from, call analytics can show from which online or offline source the customer initiated a call to your business.

Outbound call tracking specifically refers to the monitoring and optimizing of calls made from inside your business. Call analytics software provides extensive data sets including call frequency, call durations, call transcripts, outcomes of outgoing calls, and more.

Who should track outbound calls?

Companies that deal in large sales, like car dealerships or estate agencies, are perfect candidates for outbound call tracking systems. When one sale could help you reach your targets for a whole quarter, every single phone call coming in or going out of your business matters.

Other industries that make good use of call analytics to improve their conversion rates include healthcare, financial services, insurance companies, travel agencies, and telecommunications companies. In essence, if you do any business over the phone, you can benefit from tracking outbound calls.

Business benefits of tracking outbound calls

1. Improve your approach

What are your sales teams saying to customers that convince them to take action and partner with your brand? What are they saying that could be deterring people from doing business with you? Tracking outbound calls can answer these questions, which in turn identifies areas of the sales cycle you’re doing really well in – and areas where your teams need to improve.

2. Measure productivity

Call tracking software offers any business the ability to closely monitor and optimize the sales team’s productivity throughout the year. Measure how many calls each staff member is making per day, per week, or per month, and get data regarding how many of these calls led to conversions. This also enables decision makers to action early interventions should productivity start slipping.

3. Improve answer rates

A customer might call a business landline to make an enquiry, but there’s no promise that a staff member will call them back on the same number. A staggering 97% of people regularly leave calls unanswered if it’s coming from a number they don’t recognise. With call tracking infrastructure in place, no matter where the outbound call originates from, the customer will see the same number they first called – building trust and credibility.

4. Shorten the sales cycle

Some sales cycles carry on for weeks or months because of missed calls, unanswered call-backs, forgotten follow-ups, and a host of other things that can delay the process. Call tracking technology negates the need for manually scheduling follow-up calls, and instantly notifies a business when a lead has come through. This enables sales teams to act faster, keep track of their active leads better, and ultimately close sales in shorter timeframes.

5. Become more portable

The word ‘seamless’ doesn’t only apply to customer experiences. Businesses also stand to benefit greatly from streamlining their processes and creating seamless communication ecosystems. Since call analytics systems are fully online, you can login to the platform from anywhere in the world and on any device that’s connected to the internet.

6. Make better decisions

Countless car dealerships, insurance companies, and other businesses incorporate some sort of guesswork when monitoring and managing their promotional campaigns. That customer call that came in 10 minutes after your Google advert went live must have seen your ad and called, right? Inbound and outbound call tracking empowers you to make data-driven decisions without having to rely on educated guesses.

7. Tailor customer experiences

Customer sales journeys should be seamless, but they should also be unique and tailored to their personas. Call tracking software lets you customise customer experiences using tools like automatic phone call answering, pre-recorded welcome messages, in-call menus for callers to choose options based on their call intent, etc. You can also get data pertaining to the best times of the day and which days to call for the best chance of converting.

8. Become more eco-friendly

Is your business still reliant on paper products, like notebooks and diaries, to catalogue and keep track of sales leads and customer queries? With social responsibility fast becoming a prerequisite for customer loyalty, online systems that can replace pen-and-paper are excellent for reducing your company’s carbon footprint while modernising the lead management approach.

9. Gain a competitive edge

Probably the most important benefit of an outbound call tracking system is the competitive advantage it gives a company over competitors who are not using one. The modern business environment requires business to modernise their processes, and those who don’t adopt cutting-edge technologies will always find themselves trailing behind those who embrace them.

Turn your telephone system into a lead generating machine

You could simply use your phone system as a communication channel to make and receive calls, or you could bolt on call analytics and use it to skyrocket your lead generation.

Modern businesses make data-driven decisions, instead of relying on guesswork, using captured data to improve their approach to both sales and customer service.
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