Track and manage inbound and outbound business conversations. Know where your leads come from and automate the way you interact.

Inbound Calls

For those companies managing inbound business conversations, Logimeter enables its customers to establish where the caller found their number, the nature of their inquiry, and which employee managed the call within their organisation. This provides information which is largely hidden in most organisations.

Call TRacker

A unique number for all your different platforms (Website, Google, Social Media) to accurately track and record all inbound calls.

Call Manager

Greet callers with a menu option to better direct their calls. Route calls to specific employees so you know who answered each call.

Missed Call Saver

Recycle missed and unanswered calls by automatically pushing the caller’s details to everyone in the applicable ring group.

Outbound Calls

For those managing outbound business conversations, Logimeter automates the outbound call response to an inbound web enquiry. This means prospects are contacted sooner and lead conversions increase and customer satisfaction improves.


Decrease follow up time by receiving website enquiries as voice calls to add efficiency and reliability to your sales pipeline.

CLick to call

Speed up your outbound calls by calling any number, on Google Chrome, quickly and easily with one-click convenience.

Conversation Coach

Real time data-driven insights on every call. Get a unique scorecard to help your sales teams close more deals.


Call Tracker, Call Manager, Connect, Lead Tracker can be set up and configured via the Logimeter APIs and the call records, links to call recordings can be collected or pushed to Partner / Client platforms. All the call records generated by the above products are displayed in Logimeter Web Dashboards and Reports.