Missed Call SAver

Capture and recycle missed or unanswered calls, reduce cost per lead and improve overall sales team performance by up to 30%

Inbound callers are among the most valuable leads your business has

They convert 30% faster than web leads, spend 28% more, and have a 28% higher retention rate.

Yet on average, between 20% and 25% of all inbound calls are missed. This translates to millions in lost revenue every year.

Here’s an example:

A car dealership misses 22% of its inbound calls every month. This means that of the 750 calls they received last month, 165 weren’t answered. Of those, 59 people were calling to enquire about buying a new car. The average price of a new car is R380 000…

You can see how this very quickly becomes an extremely expensive problem.

Fact: According to our data only 12% of missed callers call the business back. In a competitive market where the consumer has choice, a missed caller generally means lost revenue.

Missed Call Saver is the solution

If you have a call tracking solution in place, your salespeople may already receive missed call notifications, but do you know how many follow up on them? Or how many missed callers bother to call back?

When your business misses a call, you’re not just missing out on one conversation. You’re losing out on a gift-wrapped opportunity to grow your business.

It’s true that deals rarely rely on a single phone call, but if you don’t get the first call right, you won’t get a second chance to make that all-important first impression.

We know that up to 84% of callers say they would stop doing business with a company if their call went unanswered or no one phoned them back. And that’s money down the drain.

With Missed Call Saver watching for missed calls 24/7, you’re putting the plug back in

Measure your metrics

Begin measuring at whatever awareness level you want - media, tracking number, customer intent etc.

Customise your timing

Set a timer so the missed call alert only goes out to your team after you’ve given your caller time to call back.

Call agents simultaneously

Push the caller’s details to everyone in the applicable ring group. All the first available agent has to do is push one button to immediately return the call.

Cover More missed calls

Even if only one or two of those calls convert every month, you’ll see tangible ROI in a short space of time.