Give your salespeople an unfair advantage by empowering them with data-driven products to help them close more deals, more often.

Inbound Sales

When you have the right automated systems in place to deliver actionable, insightful data to your salespeople, they can support potential buyers more efficiently and effectively, meaning more converted calls, more often

Call Tracker

Allocate a unique number to every marketing platform so you can track the origin of each inbound sales call for accurate lead attribution and tangible ROI. All tracked calls are also recorded for analytical purposes.

Call Manager

Add IVR menus to your tracked numbers and direct inbound calls to specific employees. Now you have 360 visibility into which salesperson answered which call, how the conversation progressed during the call, and what the eventual outcome was.

Conversation Coach

Real-time call analysis, audio-to-text transcripts, and expert feedback on every word of every conversation. Get powerful, data-driven insights to help reduce lost opportunities, refine selling techniques and improve overall conversions and performance.

Missed Call Saver

Monitor all unanswered calls and track whether the caller phones back. All missed callers will be automatically connected to your teams and no opportunities will be lost to your business.

Outbound Sales

A fast, friendly, personal response increases your sales to lead conversions. When you have complete visibility into every corner of your sales and marketing efforts, you move your sales approach from educated guesswork to a data-backed strategy.

Call Connect

Improve call to sales conversions by up to 90% by connecting salespeople to leads in under five minutes. It’s all completely automated, fast, and efficient, making returning calls or following up on website leads as easy as pushing a button.


Use the Logimeter Chrome Extension to track and record outbound calls. Highlight any number on any web page and click to call. No softphones required and works on existing landlines or cell phones. This is a great solution if your employees are working remotely but can also be used to address specific use cases where call recordings would be beneficial.

Conversation Coach

Take the guesswork out of performance management and build a scorecard for each use case that includes a telephone call. Then provide feedback on each call to each person that nudges them when they go wrong. This type of sustained feedback will instill great practices and improve revenue performances.