Lead Tracker

Dynamically assign unique phone numbers to your leads. We'll monitor calls made to these numbers to help you understand how long the sales agents take to call each lead and capture the call recordings.


KPI Tracker

Does your sales channel respond to inbound calls? Does your sales channel make outbound calls? Have you ever wondered if your lead conversions could be higher? Logimeter can help. Use our tracking numbers to capture call recordings and our skilled Call Analysts to evaluate the audio to identify trends and behaviours.


Call tracker

Use Call Tracker numbers to capture call events from your website and other marketing channels, post the call events into your CRM platform and track the lead through to completion. Tracking numbers and call data available via an API or from our client service team.


Ad tracker

Get insightful stats like how many calls each of your adverts has generated, the cost per call, and which callers have responded to the advert multiple times. All available in monthly or weekly reports, or beautifully graphed in our web dashboard.