Your Sales Are
Our Business

Gain front-line visibility, improve sales call conversions,
and empower your teams to perform at their peak

What’s the true secret of better sales?

Reminding your sales team that no matter what they’re selling, they’re in the people business. And people want to be treated personally. This is the difference between good salespeople and great ones.

Great reps know what keeps potential customers up at night. They handle objections skillfully and are proactive in their approach. And they win the loyalty and admiration of their customers – which is why they don’t just hit their targets, they regularly blow them out of the water.

Imagine if you had an entire sales force made up of people like this…

It can be done, and we have the tools to help you do it

Because when you empower your team with key performance metrics, coupled with actionable insights delivered by multiple data, they have everything they need to optimise their process.

The results?

More potential customers moved through the pipeline in less
time, shortening the gap between connection and conversion





Sales call analytics help you stand out, and be outstanding

In our increasingly online world, your potential customers receive
daily bombardments from social media, emails, and cold calling.

You need a new approach. A way to orchestrate a high-definition
customer experience that commands attention.

Logimeter’s Call Manager and Conversation Coach will revolutionise the way your sales representatives operate, dramatically improving their productivity and effectiveness

Call Manager

Sales intelligence software that offers valuable insights into which employees are most effective at converting inbound sales calls into opportunities. When you know what’s working and why, you can roll out the formula for the rest of your team.

Conversation Coach

Reverse engineer successful calls to analyse every word – from your rep and the potential customer. Get expert, personalised feedback, and powerful insights to help prevent lost sales opportunities and improve overall performance by up to 30%.

Empowered sales teams,
powerful results

Now you can:

Analyse your sales call “digital exhaust” and gain valuable visibility into what’s happening on your front lines.

Replicate what works, abandon what doesn’t, and empower your sales team to perform at their peak.