Want to measure the inbound calls to anything? Your marketing activities? Your website? Your sales channel? If so, contact the Logimeter Sales Team and we can have tracking numbers up and running within 1 day. We will also provide you with a web dashboard where you can set-up advert tracking, access your call results and listen to your call recordings. You can also administer your Call Tracker features such as who is to receive any missed call alerts, what the SMS to missed callers should say, who is to receive any lead notifications and what your report settings should be.




Call volumes are growing at an incredible rate yet many Sales Agents have never been formally trained to manage inbound or outbound sales calls. Use our team of Call Analysts to score your Sales Team's calls to get insights into their development areas and training requirements.


Lead Tracker

Ensure your CRM or LMS vendor is plugged into the Logimeter Call Tracking API and a tracking number will be assigned to each of your leads. We'll monitor calls made to the tracking numbers to help you understand how long your Sales Representatives take to call each lead. We also capture their call recordings.



Ensure your CRM or LMS vendor is plugged into the Logimeter Click-to-Call API and once a lead has been submitted, Connect will automatically call the assigned Sales Representative and when they press 1 on their phone, call the Prospect. Connecting the two parties within a minute of the lead being submitted.