People don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people.

In fact, nine times out of 10, they buy from people who call them back within five minutes of submitting an online enquiry form or making an initial phone call.

A fast, friendly, personal response is one of the most effective things you can do to boost your lead conversions.

That might seem a big ask from a single outbound phone call – and one you’ve only had a couple of minutes to prepare for.

But you can do a lot in that time if you have the right data.

How did the lead come to you, for example? There’s a distinct difference in lead temperature between someone who opted in to an email and someone who made the choice to phone your sales department.

These two people are at different stages of the sales funnel and need to be approached accordingly.

This is only something you can do when you have complete visibility into every corner of your sales and marketing efforts.

Sales are based on science, not speculation

If you don’t know where your calls came from originally, what your salespeople do differently on calls that convert, who your customers are, where in their journey they happen to be, and what their pain points are, your sales strategy is guesswork at best.

And guesswork doesn’t help your salespeople squeeze the full potential out of each and every outbound call.

If you have a sales team that needs to respond more quickly and effectively to inbound enquiries, we can help.

Click To Call

Speed up your outbound sales call process with plug and play technology that automatically identifies and highlights phone numbers for fast, one-click dialing.

Zero integration, zero friction Chrome extension.

Call any number listed on a web page quickly and easily.

Record the call for training, quality, and audit purposes.

Call Connect

Get 9x higher conversions on outbound sales calls by connecting your salespeople to potential clients in under two minutes.

Connect salespeople to potential clients in under 2 minutes.

Improve lead conversions by up to 9x.

Use a Call Connect Zap or integrate directly with the Logimeter API.

Conversation Coach

Analyse calls in real time and get instant feedback to help your sales teams close more deals.

Professional evaluation and analysis of every call.

Keep track of all results in a personal web dashboard.

Create a fully customisable call scorecard of the behaviours and outcomes you need.