Inbound Sales CALLS

When someone calls your company, they don’t want to listen to your salesperson – they want your salesperson to listen to them.

They don’t want a presentation, they want a conversation

It’s knowing how to manage these conversations to ensure they either end in a deal or move things further along in that direction, that’s the real challenge.

Of course, it’s great to offer potential clients support and guidance, but it’s also time-consuming, un-cost-effective, and hard to measure in terms of ultimate success.


You need the data and the automated systems to ensure incoming calls are routed to the right salespeople, and that they have as much detail as possible to support the buyer more effectively and efficiently.

Being able to track, record, analyse and feedback on incoming sales calls means you can help your sales team connect the dots between their conversations and the eventual outcomes of those conversations.

See in real time what’s working and what isn’t, and highlight opportunities to sell more, faster. This also helps inform important business decisions, such as forecasting, budget allocations and more.

Call Tracker

Track, record and recycle missed calls, and get real-time call analytics – all in one easy-to-use, plug-and-play system.

Install unique numbers on each of your marketing media.

Record and analyse each inbound sales call.

Get real-time dashboards to immediately identify the best quality call traffic.

Call Manager

Automatically capture and digitise your entire sales call process for granular clarity and complete pipeline visibility.

Add IVR menus to inbound numbers.

Route calls to available salespeople.

Capture who answered which call, know what happened, and whether it converted.

Conversation Coach

Analyse calls in real time and get instant feedback to help your sales teams close more deals.

Build a fully customisable call scorecard of the outcomes and behaviours you need.

Get professional analysis and evaluation of each call - immediately after it’s finished.

Keep track of all results in a personalised web dashboard.