Implement strategies and solutions to prevent lost opportunities. See performance trends and highlight good and bad performers at a subsidiary and employee level.


Marketing Effectiveness

Even in this digital age, some consumers still prefer to call a business and therefore, you must know where they are finding your telephone number. Place a unique call tracking number wherever your business number is listed, and then track where your prospects and customers are finding your number. Use the findings to optimise your marketing plan and budget.

Campaign Effectiveness

One of our customers recently ran a campaign on Facebook and provided a callback request as part of their banner advertising. Once the number was submitted, the Logimeter technology called all the agents in their call centre, and the fastest finger answered the call, listened to the lead details and then pressed 1 to speak directly to the Prospect. Everything took place within a minute of the callback request being made on Facebook.


Lead Conversion Rates

If someone expresses an interest in your product/service via web form, where does this go? Of course, the answer is: into a DB or CRM system, but then the next question is, how long will it take to get a response? By using Logimeter to automate the callback process so that when an enquiry form is submitted, an Agent is automatically contacted and connected to the Prospect. Our customers have done this and see their lead conversion increase by 50%.

Missed Call Conversion

Only 25% of consumers return your call if they go unanswered the first time—the remaining 75% move on to the next supplier. With Logimeter, our systems will detect a missed call and automatically contact your sales team and connect them to the missed caller. A once lost prospect turns into a happy customer.


Sales Revenues

All the Logimeter products are geared toward you increasing your lead conversion statistics. Inbound sales calls automatically drop into your CRM system. Inbound web leads are automatically called within a minute of lead submission, and prospects are contacted while still in shopping mode. Missed callers are auto-responded to and not lost to your business. On top of all that, we provide call analytics that ensures your call tactics are spot on.

Speed to revenue generation (new employee sales training)

Training new salespeople can take up time and a lot of your resources. Logimeter provides a tool kit that expedites this process and enables you (and them) to generate revenues sooner.


Customer Experience

All calls are recorded and can be transcribed. All recordings and transcriptions can be emailed, following "key calls", to the customer. In addition, calls can also be auto-scheduled to avoid missing out on any key milestones or reviews.

Customer Revenues

An excellent customer experience leads to higher customer revenues. Logimeter tools enable you to provide such an experience to your customers.

Customer Lifetime Values

When customers are happy, they stay with you longer and spend more money. Logimeter solutions aim to optimise call engagements, resulting in a satisfactory customer experience. Consequently, lifetime values increase.

Customer Retention

You know which (call) tactics should be employed to keep your customers happy, and now you can automate many of them with Logimeter. So get Logimeter integrated with your CRM platform, automate these tactics and watch your customer retention improve.

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