Data Delivers Deals

Use call tracking data to identify high-value leads and make your sales process more strategic

In today’s digitally-driven age, data is king - and the customer journey has never been more complex.


But although we have access to more customer information than ever before, we don’t always understand its value, or how we can use it to gauge the health of our sales pipelines.

When data is used correctly, everything – from the very first sales pitch, to how often you follow up, and the offers you make – can be adapted and improved until you find the formula that works every time.

When problems plug your pipelines, you need a virtual plumber

Logimeter has a range of call tracking, call management and analytics products that give you the results you need to supplement your sales pipeline – both at team and individual level. Now you can automatically capture leads from ALL sources and get the most bang for your marketing buck.

You can also automate the outbound call response to inbound digital enquiries, increasing your chances of lead conversion. To top all this off, your agents will receive day by day feedback on how well they managed their calls.

Determine metrics such as:

The average time taken to call a digital lead

Which digital leads haven’t been called

How many inbound sales calls are converting into opportunities

How many missed callers call you back

What types of enquiries, by media, your prospects are making

Your average inbound missed call percentage

What day of the week and time of day most missed calls occur

Which of your sales team performs the best/WORST on sales calls

Choose from our Call Metrics menu:

Call Tracker

Give each of your marketing platforms a unique number to accurately track and record all inbound sales calls. Understand which platform delivers the best quality call traffic and opportunities.

Call Manager

Add IVR menus to your Call Tracker numbers then route sales calls to specific employees so you know who answered each call, what happened during the call, and whether or not it converted into an opportunity.

Conversation Coach

Reverse engineer successful calls to analyse what works and what doesn’t – from the first word to the last. Then clone that process so your other teams can repeat it – reliably and predictably – standardise to optimise.

Missed Call Saver

Capturing and recycling missed or unanswered calls means increased lead flow, reduced cost per lead, and significant performance improvement.

Call Connect

Never again worry whether your leads are being contacted quickly enough. Automate the call response and apply lead allocation rules that best suit your business.