Conversation Coach

Analyse calls in real-time and get feedback to help your sales teams close more deals

As a sales manager, it’s impossible to manually manage every single call and advise your agents on how they can improve their conversations to convert more leads into clients

In fact, human quality assurance managers only manage to listen to between 1% and 2% of the calls their sales teams make.

Imagine the difference if you had insight into every single call, every single day.

You’d instantly know what your top performers are doing that sets them apart. Then you could use that knowledge to level up the rest of your team so they can all start crushing their quotas. You can standardise to optimise.

Because if you don’t know what skills your team already has and where their weaknesses lie, how can you build a training program that’s relevant to them?

And if you can’t do that, how can you expect better sales performance?

Conversation Coach analyses all sales calls and
surfaces the behaviours that result in a
successful close

Then we build unique scorecards based on your particular campaign, project or department.
It’s all fully customisable and completely relevant to your team.

It’s also consistent - so your salespeople do not revert to previous behaviours that are not optimised towards sales closures

And it’s based on data - so you’re not training based on what you perceive the problem to be

The result?

Actionable, data-driven insights to help your team improve their techniques and convert more calls


Data from every call is available on each rep’s digital dashboard so they can track their progress and see how and where they could make changes.

Audio to text

In addition to recordings, the dashboard provides highly accurate audio to text transcripts of each call. Algorithms and AI run over this text to analyse overall performance.

Ideal call

AI algorithms compare sales techniques to an ideal call model, carry out a gap analysis, and provide instant feedback.