Connect triggers automatic phone calls between Prospects browsing your website and marketing collateral, and your Sales Agents.  By integrating Connect into your marketing approach, you'll drastically reduce the time it takes to talk to your leads.


  1. Responding to your Prospect's enquiry within a minute starts the engagement of very positively.
  2. Both the Prospect, and your Sales Agent share the same context. The Prospect is probably still reviewing the marketing collateral, and the Sales Agent has been briefed by Connect's text to voice service.
  3. No one has dial a phone number, or be requested to make a call. Connect takes care of everything.
  4.  Integrated with your Lead Management System or CRM system. Connect automates your customer call engagement.
  5. Distributed recording means an audit trail of interactions.  Compliance requirements are also met. 
  6. Precise Measurement of your Sales Agents performance, Prospects' buying propensity, time of day of enquiries, missed leads, etc.
  7.  Visibility of leads within the phone system, which was significantly harder to track than web clicks, forms, emails, and SMSes.  Now it isn't :)