Watch this video to understand why call tracking is important.

Logimeter has been providing call tracking solutions in South Africa since 2009 and today provides 100,000's of tracking numbers to thousands of South African businesses. 

Each call tracking number includes a host of features. For example, you can choose whether to:

  • Record the calls
  • Generate Missed Call Notifications
  • Send SMS to Missed Callers
  • Generate Lead Notifications and Receive Automated Reports
  • The call detail records and links to the call recordings are made available for collection

Ask your engineering team or software vendors to contact our partner support representatives and we'll call or meet with them to better understand the use case and provide some recommendations.

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Some CALL tracking use cases

tracking marketing activities

Use call tracking numbers to measure the call response from all of your marketing activities. Add tracking numbers to your email marketing campaigns. Your landing pages. Your Google AdWord Campaigns. Your Facebook Campaigns. Your other online media. Your website. Your print media. Your direct marketing campaigns. Your SMS blasts. Then capture the resulting call events as leads. Add the data to your CRM platform and track the leads through to completion. Taking this approach will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what marketing activities are generating the most cost effective leads.

tracking lead response times

After leads have dropped into your CRM platform and been assigned to a Sales Representative make a call to the Logimeter API.  A tracking number will be assigned to each lead and call forwarding set-up between the tracking number and the lead contact number. Then distribute the leads as normal. You will then be able to track and time the outbound calls made to each lead. Also to capture the resulting call events and call recordings within your CRM platform. This approach will provide a measurement into sales response times and through the call recordings, provide some additional insights into sales behaviours.

tracking outbound calls

Ever needed to track an outbound call and didn't know how? Whatever the use case, make a call to the Logimeter API, request a tracking number, enter the normal telephone number and call forwarding will be set-up. Then call the tracking number and the outbound call will be captured and recorded. The date/time of the call, the caller's number, the tracking number, whether the call was answered and the call talk-time is all captured. Along with the call recording and available for collection within the API.