With 29 million smartphones in South Africa, calls into businesses are steadily growing. Why? Because consumers are using applications on their phone to search for a business, product or service. Then, when they find what they want, clicking to call. 

We can help you to manage this new reality. We provide you with a Call Manager number which you can use as your business number on your web site and online marketing material.

All calls to the Call Manager number are automatically forwarded to your existing business number and the calls are recorded and captured in your own web dashboard.

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Not only does Call Manager capture your calls but it informs you when a call goes unanswered. You receive a missed call email alert which contains the missed callers number and the date/time of their call attempt. This ensures your business never misses an opportunity or doesn't service a customer properly.

Call Manager also sends the missed callers (to cell phones only) an automatic SMS. The message is customisable but our customers normally use the SMS to apologise for missing their customers call and letting them know they have captured their number and someone from the business will call them back asap.

Call Manager also manages your out of hours calls. It will answer your calls after a set number of rings and then take a message. It will then send you an email with a link to the message.

Within the Call Manager dashboard, you can search for calls and listen to the call recordings. The goal is to provide you with a much better understanding of the customer experience when calling your business.

Call Manager costs R350 per month. This cost includes the web dashboard, the SMS sent to your missed callers, the call recording, the out of hours call management and unlimited calls. We do not require a fixed term, just an understanding from you that you need to provide 30 days notice when you no longer require the service. 

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