Call Connect

Get 9x higher conversions on outbound sales calls by connecting your salespeople to potential clients in under five minutes

What happens when you submit an online enquiry form?

Sadly, for many businesses, the answer to that is, very often, “we don’t know.”

There’s little, if any, insight into the process after the enquiry is allocated to a salesperson.

Did they follow up?

Did they get through the first time and if not, did they call back?

These are the things no one knows.

Inbound leads come in, are assigned…then, darkness.

Until now.

Call Connect takes the guesswork and, yes, effort, out of outbound sales calls

Instead of simply receiving a notification that they have been allocated a lead to
follow up on, the salesperson’s phone rings. All they then have to do is push a button
and within seconds, they’re speaking directly to the prospective client.

No looking up numbers, no reading the notification and then forgetting to follow up.


Everyone gets a fair bite of the apple. Choose from a “round robin-style” or “fastest-finger-first” type system.

fast, and

We connect salespeople with potential clients in under 3 minutes, 87% of the time.

to call

No need for complicated integration between our API and your CRM. You can be ready to go in minutes.

and play

Receive website enquiry submissions as voice calls to add efficiency and reliability to your sales pipeline.