Evaluate how well you perform during inbound and outbound calls, and implement positive changes within any organisation.

Product Performance Analytics

For the product performance analytics Logimeter tends to show the data at a group, company and employee level and can be filtered by date range. Thereby enabling our customers to compare employees and companies within a group. Also to trend their performance over time.

How we do product performance analytics

Unique numbers to accurately track and record all inbound sales calls.

Route sales calls to specific employees so you know who answered each call.

Capture and recycle missed and unanswered calls.

Automate the call response and apply lead allocation rules that best suit your business.

Logimeter Conversation Analytics

Conversation Analytics

For the conversation analytics, Logimeter currently evaluates how well a salesperson performs during their “first contact’ inbound and outbound sales calls and provides the results at a group, company and employee level and can be filtered by date range. With this analysis, Logimeter does benchmark the data against the market.

How we do Conversation analytics

With the help of auto industry experts Logimeter created an Inbound and outbound sales call scorecard which, if executed as prescribed, leads to a higher lead to sale conversion in its automotive dealership customers. These calls are manually evaluated by Logimeter Call Analysts and all the official South African languages are catered for. There are currently in excess of 140 dealerships in South Africa subscribing to this service.

Logimeter flagged thousands of calls which resulted in an automotive sale (new and used cars), obtained the call recordings, converted the audio into text and performed a regression analysis to determine what common behaviours and tactics were used in the successful calls. Logimeter is now in the process of training an AI model to automatically identify these behaviours and tactics and score the sales calls of subscribing dealerships. This service is currently in development, please contact Paul Devine for further information.

Logimeter provides its customers with cloud based solutions which manage and record inbound and outbound calls. The recordings can then be used to automatically score calls using customer specific metrics. The results are provided at a company and individual level in web based dashboards. This service can be used for sales teams, account management teams, customer support teams, debt collection teams, in fact any department which has a high level of inbound and/or outbound calls.

If it’s important for your business to have calls automatically transcribed from audio into text then Logimeter provides this solution. Logimeter will provide you with cloud based solutions which manage and record your inbound and outbound calls and these calls can be automatically converted into text and supplied at an individual call level. Logimeter currently has South African English, Afrikaans, Sotho and Zulu transcription models.


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