5 Reasons You Should be Using Call Tracking

5 Reasons You Should be Using Call Tracking

5 Reasons you should be using call tracking

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” – Is Call Tracking the solution ?

John Wanamaker may have died almost 100 years ago (sadly before he ever had the chance to experience the power of call tracking) but there’s likely not a business owner or marketer alive today who can’t relate to this sentiment.

(And if you have a particularly savvy CFO, you may also have had this logic thrown back at you in the form of, “Well, if we agree that half your budget is going to be wasted, I trust you’ll be happy with 50% of what you’ve asked for?”)

Jokes aside, not knowing which of your marketing efforts generate the highest-quality leads is massively frustrating for any marketer.

The fact that your phones are ringing is great, but if you don’t know where those callers found your number, everything is just guesswork, gut feeling and instinct.

And there aren’t too many CFOs who’d be happy with any of those when it comes to justifying your marketing budget for the new cycle.

You need cold, hard numbers to show tangible ROI.

Call tracking is how you get them.

Why is call tracking still so important?

We live in a world awash with data. We can track everything from where someone’s gaze lands first on a website page to how many views our social media posts receive.

Every day we track impressions, clicks, views, chatbot responses, form completions…the list is endless.

Yet not many of us think to track the origins of a humble phone call.


Because in our digitally dominant lives, we’ve pretty much-relegated phone calls to the “old school” file at the back of the cupboard in our minds. If our cell phones didn’t offer instant messaging apps, social media links, and cameras for the all-important selfies, would we even use them?

And yet, phone calls are far from dead. In fact, they’re still at the top of the pile when it comes to sales conversions.

Because they convert up to 15 times more frequently than web leads.

And around 60% of potential customers say a phone call is their first choice when it comes to contacting a company. Email is a distant second, at just 16%.

So imagine how beneficial it would be to know where those customers got your number.

Did they search on a browser? Did they find you via a Facebook ad? Maybe it was your most recent lead magnet, or possibly your website?

Or it could have been from a paid ad campaign.

If you don’t know where your callers found your number, you have no idea which of your marketing efforts are generating the most leads. Or which are the best sources of quality leads (because we all know not all leads are created equal).

The only way to know this for sure is with call tracking.

Still not convinced?

How call tracking will impact your business

1. Competitive advantage

Only around 10% of marketing managers feel confident that they can regularly and reliably track all leads back to specific marketing channels. That means 90% have no idea what’s working and what isn’t.

How good would it be to have a powerful advantage over 90% of your competitors?

2. Less pain, more gain

Studies show phone call leads convert around 30% faster than any other. So, your salespeople don’t have to spend as much time on each call, meaning they can deal with more calls a day. Phone callers also tend to spend more – up to a third more on average – so you make more money in less time.

You need to capitalise on this trend, and knowing where this quick decision-making, deep-pocketed clients come from is key.

3. Decrease your marketing spend

Using call tracking analytics means knowing exactly which ads are performing and which are just eating through your budget. Now you can switch off underperforming ads, reduce your ad spend and channel the spend you’ve saved into boosting those ads that are delivering leads.

4. Improve Agent Performance 

Most call tracking solutions also include a call recording functionality. This effectively turns every sales interaction – regardless of the eventual outcome – into an opportunity for training and coaching, as well as a chance to highlight the successful strategies of your highest-performing salespeople.

When you can identify the behaviours that prevent your sellers from converting every call – or replicate the ones that succeed – you can create tailored training to strengthen techniques and improve close rates.

5. Outbound Call Tracking

One of the biggest advantages of outbound call tracking is increased customer trust.

Up to 97% of your prospective clients will not answer a call from a number they don’t recognise. But when you have call tracking software in place, your salespeople can quickly return a call with just one click, automatically using the same number your prospective buyer just used to call your company.

Outbound call tracking also helps your teams capitalise on one of the biggest sales closers of all – time.

(Bonus) Responding to Web Enquiries

When responding to enquiries from potential customers, speed is of the essence especially when what you sell can be sourced from other businesses. Countless studies show that those companies whose salespeople call back within 5 minutes convert those calls 90% more often than those who don’t.

Call tracking also applies to outbound calls and can automate a follow up call to all inbound web enquiries. A good system will automatically make a call to your sales team, read them the lead details, and invite the person to speak and the person by simply pushing 1 on their phone and they are then connected to the caller.

It’s fast, it’s efficient and it works.

If your prospects can call it, we can track it

Inbound and outbound phone calls are a critical part of the customer journey and a key component in helping you grow your business.

Including call tracking in your sales & marketing strategy gives you the chance to use the data to optimise your marketing, sales, and support efforts, and increase conversions.

With our call tracking system, you get:

  • Unique number allocation – each marketing source receives a unique phone number.
  • Lead attribution – optimise high-converting campaigns and reduce spend on lower-performing sources.
  • Call recordings – listen to your customer needs and identify how your sales teams deal with them.
  • Plug and play outbound call tracking
  • Automated call follow ups to inbound web leads
  • Automated call follow ups to missed callers
  • Conversation analytics and coaching

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